Sheepskin Design Rug | Solar

Sheepskin Design Rug | Solar

Plush, dense, unique...the only way to describe Bowron Shortwool Shearling Designer Rugs. Meticulously cut, matched and stitched to create intricately patterned luxurious floor coverings. A unique blend of East meets West style, with a traditional feel capturing the timeless essence of luxury and indulgence.



  • 2’ x 8’ / 65cm x 240cm
  • 4’ x 6’ / 120cm x 180cm
  • 5 1/2’ x 8’ / 170cm x 240cm
  • 6 1/2’ x 9 1/2’ / 200cm x 300cm
  • 8' x 11 1/2' / 250cm x 350cm


These rugs are made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

  • Care Instructions


    • We recommend that this product be drycleaned ONLY.
    • We recommend using a professional drycleaning service.

    General Care

    • Products benefit from regular vacuuming on medium suction using standard nozzle attachment only.
    • Do not use rotating vacuum head attachment.


    • While products are not in use and require to be stored (loose or packaged) we recommend that they be kept in a cool airy position.
    • Avoid storage in direct sunlight.
    • Do not store in plastic packaging for any extended period as condensation and creasing may occur.
    • Fold/crease marks caused by storage or packaging will diminish over a period of time.