Scandinavian White Tailed Deer Hides

Scandinavian White Tailed Deer Hides

The hide and leather of the Scandinavian white-tailed deer can be used in the same way as the hide and leather of reindeer and elk. The short-haired hide is used as decor.


The fur of the Scandinavian white-tailed deer has a fantastic shine and the back section is decorated with a natural dark stripe that emphasises the impact of the hide.

  • About Scandinavian White Tail Deer

    Since the second half of the 19th century, white-tailed deer have been introduced to Europe.  In 1935 , white-tailed deer were introduced into Finland.  The introduction was successful, and deer have recently begun spreading through northern Scandinavia and southern Karelia, competing with, and sometime displacing, native species.

    These hides are a by product of the meat business, from animals culled to keep the population of these none native animals under control.


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