Frequently asked questions

Shipping and Delivery

Do You Charge For Shipping in Hong Kong

Shipping in Hong Kong is free

What Shipping Methods Do You Use ?

In Hong Kong we ship by either SF Express or Hong Kong post. Shipping method will depend on the size and weight of the item. All items ship with tracking.

How Quickly Will You Ship The Order ?

Order are usually shipped within 48 hours of receipt. Out of stock items or customs order we will contact you and advise the shipping date.

Returns and Exchanges

Do You Accept Returns Or Exchanges ?

We accept returns and exchanges within 15 days of shipping the item in Hong Kong. We should receive the item back in the original condition. If the item is received not in the condition it was sent we reserve the right to levy a charge.

Any Special Exchange Terms For Cowhide Rugs ?

In the case of cowhide rugs we are always happy to exchange any rug ordered for a rug of equal value. We want you to have a perfect rug so you can buy a cowhide rug in the knowledge that if the colour or pattern does not suit your space we will happily exchange until you find one that does suit.

Can Sale/Clearance Items Be Returned Or Exchanged ?

No sales items that are bought on sale or cleraance are final.

Cowhide FAQs

How Do I Care For A Cowhide Rug ?

Please see care guidance here https://www.hkhiderugs.com/cowhide-care

What is the origin of the cowhides ?

Our cowhides are sourced from Brazil and Italy. We believe these countries provide superior quality cowhide with a wide range of natural patterns. All cowhides are by products of the meat industry and if not converted to leather or cowhide would end up in landfill.

How are the hides tanned ?

We only deal with tanneries that are certified to have eco friendly tanning process and are certified by outside entities. The tanning process is a mineral tanning process and uses no dangerous chemicals. The tanning is exactly the same method as would be used for tanning upholstery leather or leather for bags and shoes except the hide is tanned without removing the hair.

How do we measure size ?

When we specify the size of a cowhide rug we take two measurements. L: Longest point top to bottom W: Longest point across the cowhide (usually the very bottom) Some hides we may also specify area.

How Long Will a Cowhide Last ?

Cowhides are hardwearing and durable and will last for many years. Like any rug the will wear over time, some area of the rug may be more susceptible to losing hair. We recommend cowhides be placed in areas with light to medium foot traffic and should be rotated occasionally to ensure even wear across the hide.

Will my cowhide smell ?

Your cowhide is tanned and treated the same way and any leather. It will have no bad smell just a light smell of leather. The smell will dissipate over time.

How will pets react ?

Most pets will have no reaction at all to the cowhide rug.