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Cowhide Care

Your cowhide is not only great to look at, it is also hardwearing and easy to care for. Here are some tips on caring for your rug.

After Receiving

It is normal for your cowhide rug to have developed some creases during storage and shipping. These will relax out and the rug will return to a flat state. 

Day to Day Care

The cowhide should be included in your normal cleaning routine. It can be vacuumed on medium/low power (avoid using the spinning head attachment).
A good vigorous shaking is also a good way to remove dust and particles of dirt.
Using a hard bristled brush every now and again will return the hair to its original state keeping it soft and fluffy.

DO NOT put your cowhide rug in a washing machine. DO NOT dry clean your cowhide rug.

It is not necessary to Scotch Guard or treat the cowhide with any similar products. The hair of the cowhide is naturally water and stain resistant.

Rotating your rug or moving it to a different location is also a good idea. This will ensure it wears evenly. Cowhide Rugs are best in low and medium traffic areas.


For spills such as juice, wine, food etc, soak or wipe up with a dry cloth or sponge. Then clean by wiping in direction of hair with a damp (not soaking wet) cloth or a mild soap solution.

If your cowhide does get soaking wet dry the rug as soon as possible removing excess liquid, then lift the wet area off the floor and dry by encouraging air circulation. A fan or dehumidifier will help, do not use direct heat.


You can store your cowhide rug by folding or rolling and putting in a cool dry place avoiding humidity. Do not seal in plastic, its leather and it needs to “breathe”. After folding it will need a little time to relax and lay flat again.


The cowhide rug itself has good anti-slip properties and so is suitable for all floor types. If you do find it moves around you can use any rubber anti-slip guard same as would be used with other types of rug and carpet.

Stencil Hides

Stencilled/printed and dyed hides will fade if left in direct sunlight. So this should be considered in placement of the cowhide rug.

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